Help Harper Build Bat Houses at Good Earth Village

Your care of creation will help this vital population of bats thrive in a natural ecosystem.

Hello my name is Harper Dion and I am a Sophomore honors and AP student at Century High school.  I am also in the Boy Scouts of America, and this year I started working on my Eagle Scout project. For my project I wish to build six bat houses to benefit Good Earth Village by containing their bats safely away from picnic and camping areas. Bats are helpful animals as they eat insects and help keep the insect population under control. Their waste products however, can cause sanitation issues which can be unpleasant to camp guests. I am hoping to benefit Good Earth Village by building these bat houses to help move bats to a save place creating controlled coexistence. I will need to raise fund to supply wood and other tools and necessities for this project.  -Harper Dion


Good Earth Village is a 501(c)(3) entity.  Financial contributions are tax deductible.