Hiking and Camping the “Wilds” of GEV’s 500 acres. 

Prepare for the most primitive onsite camp program.  Part of the adventure is to go Off the Grid and set up camp there together in a new secret location (forest, field, rocky outcrop?—that’s part of the fun).  The final part of the adventure is finding your way back to camp.  Campers bond as they explore the far reaches of Good Earth Village (or perhaps a new mystery location), enjoy the outdoors, and build deeper relationships with God and each other on and off the trails.

CompeleteD GRADEs 3-5:  

2018 Dates:
     July 8 - 10

2018 Tier Pricing: 
Tier 1: $250
     Tier 2: $175
     Tier 3: $150

Completed GRADEs 6-8:

2018 Dates:
     July 10 - 13

2018 Tier Pricing: 
Tier 1: $375
     Tier 2: $265
     Tier 3: $225