Become a Retreat Host!


This position is a very part-time opportunity serving groups staying on the Good Earth Village campus. Hours will primarily be over a weekend, Friday late afternoon until Sunday noon. Some exceptions to hours; exceptions can be negotiated.  

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Minimum qualifications: 

  • Must have a commitment to Christian values

  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Must have a valid driver's license

  • Must have excellent communication skills

  • Must be customer focused with a servant's heart

  • Must be able to lift 35 lbs

  • Must be available in the evening and on weekends

  • Must be able to pass a background check

Preference for:

  • Previous work in a camp setting

  • Prior customer service experience

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Please use format YYYY/MM/DD - YYYY/MM/DD
It is essential that all applicants be willing to: - Share their lives in Christ by being examples and by serving both campers and fellow staff. - Engage all work responsibilities and relationships with a supportive, positive attitude. - Sacrifice personal desires in the interest of the campers and their colleagues. In addition, Applicants commit to be part of the Good Earth Village vision to create Christian Leaders who will change the world by their willingness to: - Connect with the living God in others, in creation, and in yourself. - Grow deeper in faith as they explore new pathways to guide faith. - Discover that their unique gifts and lift up the God-given gifts in others. - Commit to engaging our world in new ways to create a better world for all. Good Earth Village prohibits the use of alcohol and drugs on camp property or while representing the camp. The abuse of any such substance during employment is cause for immediate dismissal.
If I am accepted for a staff position, I will abide by the statements above and the principles of ethics, conduct, and dress asked of me. I will accept my call and responsibility as a member of the camp community. I understand and give permission that any photos and/or recordings taken of me during my employment may be used in camp promotional materials. I also authorize the camp to complete a local and national criminal and sex offender background check before I am hired. In signing this application, I hereby release all previous employers and/or references to furnish my records, reasons for leaving, and all information they may have concerning me. I hereby release them from all liability or damage arising therefrom. In signing this application, I affirm that all information within this application is true. I understand that any false or incomplete information within this application is grounds for dismissal.