Welcome to the “Staff in Training” (SIT) program! Get ready to learn and practice new leadership skills at camp. In this two-week program, you’ll learn from our well trained staff how to make an impact as a role model with our younger campers. Your group of SIT participants will spend time training, discussing, practicing, and developing each other’s skills in leadership, youth ministry, outdoor living, and community life. Each day we’ll interact with younger kids: teaching, being role models, leading games, and observing the behind-the-scenes work that makes the programs run smoothly. SITs will have the opportunity to travel offsite for a couple adventures, such as, spending an afternoon at the high ropes course at Eagle Bluff. SITs will spend the weekend going on an offsite camping trip. Each participant then has the option to sign up for additional weeks later in the summer as a “co-counselor,” shadowing an experienced staff member while together you lead a cabin group.


2018 Tier Pricing: 
Tier 1: $595
     Tier 2: $425
     Tier 3: $360


2018 Dates:
     June 17 - 22


Completed Grades: 10 - 12