Street Team 

Join a community of Good Earth Village supporters in getting the word out about the impact of our programs to new audiences.  


1) Read & Plan: Read through the instructions & Ideas, and brainstorm local locations with bulletin boards.  Look at your schedule and plan your route and when you will reach each location.  
2) Distribute Materials: Armed with a handful of thumbtacks take materials out and distribute them on community boards, or high traffic locations. 
3) Record, Complete & Return: For each location, please take a moment to write down the location, street name, city, and date.  The form can be folded at the lines, sealed with tape and returned in the mail within two weeks. 

Ideas for Locations: 

  • City Library 
  • Community Center 
  • Coffee Shop
  • Grocery Store 
  • Local Restaurants/Diners 
  • Gym/Fitness Center 
  • Kwik Trip, Caseys, Gas Station
  • Panera 
  • Post Office 
  • Bank
  • Dentist/Doctor Office