An absolutely breathtaking wedding venue capturing the natural beauty of southeastern Minnesota with spaces that connect your guests to the outdoors. Enjoy spacious areas with beautiful views that paint a stunning backdrop for your celebration.

Wedding Packages

Log Lodge Campus Weekend
Reserve this campus for the whole weekend, 5pm Friday - 10:30am Sunday. The Log Lodge has a Great Room, and an outdoor Three Crosses amphitheater. Nine hotel-style lodging rooms and Family Camp Area are included in the package.

Log Lodge Campus Day
Just need a great space for the day? This package includes the Log Lodge Great Room, Conference Room, Three Crosses Amphitheater, and Family Camp and would not include any lodging. Facility Hours would be as early as 8am and would end by 10pm.

Old Town
Rent this space for Saturday or for the weekend, 5pm Friday – 10:30am Sunday. It's a very picturesque space that looks like a pioneer village. We have plumbing in that area.  It would probably require renting a tent in addition, at your own expense.  Bank, General Store and Mainstreet Cabins are included in the package.

Full Site
This rental would include all of our spaces we have to offer. We reserve 3-4 cabin spaces in Old Town for our site host(s), the rest is yours.  It's a really nice way to book your wedding, because your folks and our (unobtrusive) site host(s) will be the only people around, plus there is plenty of space for your guests.

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